Islamic-Christian Front Defends Al-Quds

Muslim and Christian leaders in Al-Quds (occupied east Jerusalem) announced Saturday, March 3, the formation of a joint front to defending the city and its holy sites. "

Islamic-Christian Front Defends Al-Quds
"It is a non-profitable organization; open for all people and bodies interested in protecting Al-Quds, whether inside or outside Palestine," activist Hassan Khater, author of the Al-Quds and Al-Aqsa Encyclopedia, said in a statement.

Khater said the front aims to defend Al-Quds city and its Muslim and Christian sanctities against Israeli aggressions.

Palestine's Chief Judge Tayssir Al-Tamimi said the new front would serve as a melting pot for Al-Quds loving people.

"This front seeks to coordinate stances of the local and foreign bodies concerned with Al-Quds to stand up to the judaization of the holy city," Al-Tamimi told reporters at a joint press conference with Patriarch of the Greek Orthodox Church Attallah Hanna.

Al-Tamimi said the nascent front came at a critical time as Israel continues its excavations close to Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Israeli bulldozers started on February 6 demolishing the wooden bridge leading to Al-Maghariba Gate, sparking widespread protests in the Palestinian lands and Muslim countries.

Israel denies the work poses any risk to the holy site. But Palestinians and Muslims say that the digging is part of an Israeli scheme to shaken the foundation of Al-Aqsa Mosque.

The excavations unearthed works of Islamic architecture including floors and walls dating back to the Mamluk era, including two prayer rooms lying under Al-Maghariba Gate, one of 14 gates of Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Al-Aqsa Mosque is the Muslims' first Qiblah [direction Muslims take during prayers] and it is the third holiest shrine after Al Ka'bah in Makkah and Prophet Muhammad's Mosque in Madinah, Saudi Arabia.

Its significance has been reinforced by the incident of Al Isra'a and Al Mi'raj -- the night journey from Makkah to Al-Quds and the ascent to the Heavens by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).


Father Hanna said the new front reflects the Islamic-Christian unity in defending Muslim and Christian sanctities in Al-Quds.

"From now on, peoples across the world will hear Arabs, Palestinians, Muslims and Christians speak in one voice," Hanna said.

"We will expose the Israeli violations in Al-Quds," he vowed.

Hana urged all Muslims and Christians to support the front.

"Al-Quds needs you," he said.

Al-Quds is home of some of the holiest Christian worship places including ancient Jerusalem Church and Greek Orthodox Church.

Christian community in Jerusalem supports East Jerusalem being a capital to the long-hoped Palestinian state.

The UN culture agency UNESCO has designated the old city of Al-Quds as a world heritage site. In 1982, UNESCO added the holy city to the List of World Heritage in Danger.

Israel captured and occupied Al-Quds in the six-day 1967 war, then declared its annexation in a move not recognized by the world community or UN resolutions.

British daily the Guardian had unveiled a confidential UK memo accusing Israel of rushing to "judaize" Al-Quds to prevent the city from becoming the capital of a future Palestinian state.

Comatose Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon revealed plans last year to link Al-Quds with the large Ma'ale Adumim settlement in the occupied West Bank by building thousands of new homes.

Backed by court orders and wealthy donors, ultra-nationalist Jewish groups continue to evict indigenous Palestinians from their homes in Al-Quds in forced transfers of property to Jewish settlers.

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