Islamist calls for boycott of Egypt billionaire

An shaikh on Monday called for a boycott of the companies of telecommunications billionaire Naguib Sawiris for speaking out against the influence of Islam on public life in Egypt.

Islamist calls for boycott of Egypt billionaire
In a fatwa, or religious edict, Shaikh Yussef Al Badri urged Egyptians to boycott the companies of Sawiris, a Coptic Christian who is chairman of the telephone giant Mobinil.

He also condemned Sawiris for opposing the slogan 'Islam is the Solution' used by the Muslim Brotherhood, the main opposition grouping in Egypt.

The businessman has criticised the growing influence of religion, such as the Islamic veil worn by women in the street. 'I have the impression of being in Iran. I feel like a foreigner,' he said.

Badri's fatwa called for Muslims to break off all contact with Sawiris's firms and products if they have proof of his comments on religion.


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