Islamists arrested in Morocco for Palestine demonstration

Moroccan security forces arrested 44 members of the country's largest Islamic opposition group over the weekend after it tried to hold marches in solidarity with the Palestinians, the government said.

Islamists arrested in Morocco for Palestine demonstration
Nineteen members of Al Adl wal-Ihsane (Justice and Charity) were rounded up on Sunday in the northeastern town of Nador.

"Some 200 people were getting ready to take part ... but the imposing presence of the security forces stopped them holding this unauthorised march," state news agency MAP cited a security official as saying.

The government arrested 25 group members the previous evening after they gathered without permission in a house in Driouech, 60 kilometres (37 miles) west of Nador, the official said.

Group spokesman Fathallah Arsalane said the arrests came after Justice and Charity tried to hold demonstrations across the country in support of the Palestinians.

Such demonstrations are held often in Morocco to express solidarity with the suffering of the Palestinian people and in support of their demands for full statehood.

The meeting in Driouech was a routine gathering for Koranic readings and prayers and those arrested were all released later, Arsalane said.

Justice and Charity accuses the government of trying to stifle it by limiting its sources of funding, fining members and putting hundreds of them on trial.


Güncelleme Tarihi: 10 Mart 2008, 18:06