Israel Admits Collusion on Jericho Jail Attacks

Mofaz: Yes, America and Britain colluded with us in the Jericho jail operation

Israel Admits Collusion on Jericho Jail Attacks

The Israeli war minister, Shaul Mofaz, contradicted statements uttered by his subordinates and American and British officials denying any collusion in the Jericho jail storming operation as he affirmed Wednesday that his occupation government was aware of the Anglo-American step and prepared itself to sweep the jail and capture the detainees, including Ahmed Saadat, the PFLP secretary-general.

"The Americans and the British informed us of their pullout of the jail a week ago, prompting us to prepare ourselves for the operation, which our troops had successfully carried out. We endorsed the "gradual sweeping" plan instead of directly storming the jail, and that is what exactly happened", Mofaz said.

Hebrew media unmasked more information on such US-British-Israeli collusion, revealing that the Anglo-American supervising team that was mandated to guard the six Palestinian political detainees, including Saadat and Shobaki, had arranged their withdrawal with the Israelis ten days prior to Tuesday's storming operation that helped the Israeli occupation forces to easily surround the jail just 5 minutes after the team's departure.

The sources added that Saadat and Shobaki were presently undergoing interrogation at an unknown location before charging them.

Palestinians, for their parts, were fully convinced that the jail storming would not have happened without a concrete collusion on the part of the USA and Britain.

A general strike overwhelmed the PA-run territories in protest over the Israeli invasion crime as tens of thousands of Palestinian citizens and university students in Gaza Strip and the West Bank demonstrated against what they described as "insolent" American and British connivance with the Israeli occupation government to capture Saadat, Shobaki, and their four comrades.

Palestinian resistance factions, for their parts, held the Israeli occupation authorities fully responsible for the crime and the safety of the six men as well as the dozens of Palestinian prisoners abducted in the same operation.

Source: The Palestinian Information Center

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