Israel Destroyed 766-year-old Mosque in Beit Hanun

Israel's military strikes on the town of Beit Hanun in Gaza, which left 19 Palestinians including women and children dead, have also destroyed a 766-year-old mosque.

Israel Destroyed 766-year-old Mosque in Beit Hanun

In a statement to the U.N. Observer website, the imam of the An-Nasr Mosque in Beit Hanun, Sheikh Sihda Abu Zreyk said that the mosque, which was established in 1240, was completely destroyed during the Israeli operation.

The mosque was built after the Um An-Nasr war with the Crusaders between Gaza and Askelon, the imam explained.

The targeting of places of worship during military operations is considered to be a war crime according to the 16th article of the Geneva Convention. Israel's destruction of the mosque has revealed another aspect of the Israeli occupation in Palestinian territories.

In the meantime, the Arab League Foreign Ministers' meeting in Cairo, Egypt, called on Israel to organize an international conference.

The fact that Palestinian Foreign Minister Mahmoud Zahar signed the call in question was interpreted as a step taken by Hamas in recognition of Israel.

Hamas has always claimed that it would never recognize Israel. The Arab League asked U.N. members to attend the international meeting along with Israel and Arab countries.

Mark Regev, a representative of the Israeli Foreign Ministry, said that they did not take Arab League's call into consideration and they would never attend any meeting including Hamas.

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