Israel FM hunts Palestinians in Europe as Mossad agent

Israel's foreign minister, Tzipi Livni, was a Mossad agent and ran a series of killings against the Palestinians in Europe in the early 1980s, The Sunday Times says.

Israel FM hunts Palestinians in Europe as Mossad agent
According to the daily, Livni's former colleagues have revealed that she traveled throughout Europe in the early 1980s, "taking out" Palestinians the intelligence agency had labeled as "terrorists."

Livni was on active service when Mamoun Meraish, a businessperson and a top lieutenant in the Palestine Liberation Organization, was shot dead by a Mossad hit squad in Athens on August 21, 1983.

Two young men on a motor bicycle, their faces covered by crash helmets, shot Meraish car as it waited at a traffic junction. They also wounded another Palestinian in the car and Meraish's three children, aged 4, 9 and 13.

The newspaper adds Livni was not directly involved in the killing but her role in Mossad is shrouded in mystery.

The Palestine Liberation Organization's mission in Athens at the time condemned the killing, saying it was "the work of Israeli agents and part of Israel's general policy to exterminate the people of Palestine".

Livni who is the frontrunner to become Israel's next prime minister joined Mossad after leaving the army with the rank of lieutenant and completing a year at law school.


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