Israel Moves To Isolate Lebanese Region

Israeli aircraft have launched several attacks on roads in Lebanon's eastern Bekaa Valley, virtually cutting off the region from the rest of the country and neighbouring Syria. Two Israeli reserve soldiers and five Lebanese civilians have died.

Israel Moves To Isolate Lebanese Region

In southern Lebanon, two Israeli reserve soldiers and five Lebanese civilians have died in fighting between Israel and Hezbollah. More than 170 Hezbollah rockets have also been fired into Israel, killing an unconfirmed number of civilians. As the UN Security Council considers a resolution calling for the "full cessation of activities", fighting continues unabated.

Overnight there were heavy exchanges of fire between Hezbollah militants and Israeli troops in southern Lebanon. And Israeli warplanes pounded Hezbollah targets across the country. Six civilians were killed and five wounded in an Israeli air raid in south Lebanon as Israel turned its attention to the area surrounding Lebanon's third largest city, Sidon. An air-to-ground missile destroyed a house in Ansar, to the east of Sidon, killing six people.

Half-an-hour later, as rescue teams searched through the rubble, the warplanes returned to attack the town again. Israeli jets also bombed several other villages to the south-east of Sidon. The air strikes came after Israeli planes dropped thousands of leaflets over south Lebanon, warning that it was about to strike at Hezbollah positions in Sidon, which lies 40 kilometres to the south of the capital.

Meanwhile, Israeli forces have detained the Speaker of the Palestinian Parliament at his home in the West Bank.

Abdullah Aziz Dweik was held after 20 Israeli vehicles surrounded his home in Ramallah. Israel says he is a target for arrest because he is a member of Hamas. The Palestinian Government's spokesman, Ghazi Hamad, has accused Israel of carrying out a comprehensive war against the Palestinian people. "You know what happened (sic) now in Gaza daily - they're targeting everything, the governmental buildings, the bridges, electricity stations, they arrest everyone. "In the last month they killed more than 192 people - 99 per cent of them are civilians."

Source: ABC/BBC


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