Israel punish Palestinians for vote

Israel has threatened to starve and punish the Palestinian people for electing the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas,

Israel punish Palestinians for vote

Hamas won 74 seats of the 132 seats making up the Palestinian legislative council.

Zionist officials quoted by the Israeli state-run radio said the Zionist regime wouldn't transfer past month's revenues earmarked for the Palestinian Authority.

A senior Zionist regime official said the decision not to transferthe funds, around $45 million was made in the wake of Hamas's victory in the parliamentary elections.

The Israeli radio quoted the unnamed official as saying that the government had yet to decide on a permanent freeze in the money transfers, which consist of value-added tax and customs revenues.

The Israeli army has not taken a final stance on the issue. The Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz said that Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz was in favor of transferring the money to the PA for fear that it might collapse and wouldn't be able to provide vital services to the Palestinians.

Source: IRIB

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