Israel resorts to assassination to stop its neighbors from pursuing nuclear technology

Mossad has been, since 1970s involved in the deaths of numerous scientists involved with the Iraqi nuclear program. In 1980, Yahya al-Meshad was found dead in his Paris hotel room. Over the next several months, two other Iraqi nuclear scientists were also

Israel resorts to assassination to stop its neighbors from pursuing nuclear technology

It seems that Israel is now using the same policy to end Iran's nuclear program using secret operations against Iranian scientists.

Professor Ardashir Hosseinpour, a senior nuclear scientist involved in Iran's peaceful nuclear program and an expert in electromagnetism who's been working until recently on uranium enrichment at the nuclear facility in Isfahan, was killed on January 18, but it took news agencies a week to announce his death.

Mystery surrounded the incident, which received slight coverage from both Arab and Western news outlets, since the death of the Iranian scientist was announced two weeks ago at a conference on nuclear safety.

The nuclear facility in Isfahan, located on the main north-south and east-west routes crossing Iran, produces uranium-hexafluoride gas, a raw material for the enrichment of uranium at the Natanz facility which recently became a source of Western fears.

But it emerged recently that Mossad; Israel's secret intelligence organization, killed the Iranian nuclear physicist.

A report that features intelligence and security analysis by former U.S. intelligence agents and published on, stated that the Mossad was behind Hosseinpour's death.

The official story published following the announcement of the mysterious death of  Hosseinpour, who claimed his country's most prestigious military-research prize in 2004 as well top award at an international science event in Iran last year, was that the prominent scientist died as a result of "gas poisoning," without elaborating how was he poisoned.

But the report asserted that Hosseinpour died from "radioactive poisoning", part of continuous Israeli efforts, usually carried out by the Mossad "secret operations", to forcefully stop Iran's nuclear activities.

Stratfor, a U.S. security company, revealed that its sources within Israel identified Hosseinpour as a Mossad target and said "very strong intelligence" suggested the security service had assassinated the scientist.

According to a website run by expatriate Iranian communists, Hosseinpour wasn't the only victim of the Mossad operation that targeted him. The site said that other scientists were killed and some others were injured in the Mossad operation that took place in Isfahan.

Israel, which possesses a massive arsenal of nuclear weapons, is using assassination to interfere with efforts of its neighbors to pursue their legal right of acquiring nuclear technology.

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