Israel steps up slow-motion genocide against Palestinians

The Israeli apartheid regime has been stepping up what some Palestinians have called a slow-motion genocide against Palestinians.

Israel steps up slow-motion genocide against Palestinians

The Israeli army killed as many 12 Palestinians and inured many more in the past six days.

Moreover, the Israeli army continues to raid Palestinian population centers, storm homes in the quiet hours before dawn, terrorize sleeping children and women and arrest youngsters.

According to the Palestinian Prisoners' Club, a semi-official organization catering for Palestinian prisoners in Israel, the Israeli army detains an average of 20 Palestinian per day.

Most of the people arrested are sent to the notorious Kitziot concentration camp where they languish in very harsh conditions for prolonged periods without charge or trial.

Moreover, the Israeli army reportedly has reverted to extremely draconian measures resembling Nazi tactics during WWII, such as blockading towns and villages, preventing villagers from obtaining food and heating fuel and cooking gas and destroying roads, forcing Palestinian civilians to use extremely dangerous mountainous tracks.

In the Gaza Strip, the Israeli army and air force have destroyed several roads and bridges.

Moreover, the Israeli army on Thursday threatened to bomb and destroy the main power station in Gaza.

Palestinian officials have accused Israel of taking advantage of the world public opinion's preoccupation with the tension between Denmark and the Muslim world in connection with recent offensive cartoons published by a Danish newspaper and several other European newspapers.

Source: Palestinian Information Center

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