'Israel wants to destroy Hamas resistance'

The deposed Hamas government in Gaza on Thursday said the goal of the Israeli operations was to strike the resistance and destroy the Hamas administration.

'Israel wants to destroy Hamas resistance'
"The goal of this wild campaign is double; striking the program of resistance and firmness and the second goal is to strike the government which protects and supports these factions," said Taheral-Nounou, spokesman for the sacked Hamas government.

He said it is clear that the Israeli occupation forces and the Israeli government "reached a phase of hysteria and struck randomly against the Palestinian people."

Al-Nounou urged the Arab countries "to stick to their duties toward the Palestinian people" who lost 18 lives in 24 hours in the series of Israeli airstrikes in the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli army killed within the last 24 hours 18 Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip in an unprecedented escalation of violence in retaliation for the killing of one Israeli citizen on Wednesday in a homemade rocket attack by Palestinian fighters, Palestinian medics said Thursday.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas deposed Hamas government in last June when Hamas routed his security forces and took over the Gaza Strip.


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