Israeli Occupation Pushes the Region Towards an Internal War

The Hamas-led Palestinian government expressed its determination to end security chaos in the territories, accusing "suspect parties" of attempting to sow conflict among the Palestinians.

Israeli Occupation Pushes the Region Towards an Internal War

Government spokesman Ghazi Hamad said the forces of the occupation and their secret services are exploiting this situation to push the region towards an internal war."

He added that the Palestinian government will end chaos by reactivating the role of the security services and applying the law.

In Sharm al-Sheikh, Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas said he would chair a meeting of Palestinian factions next Thursday in order to end clashes between loyalists of his Fatah party and the supporters of ruling Hamas. The two have been engaged in power struggle focused in large part on control of security forces. The struggle had saw many getting killed and wounded.

Clashes resumes
A member of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, a faction linked to Fatah party, was killed amid renewed clashes between Fatah and Hamas members in the Gaza Strip.

Fatah sources said Mohammed Abu Taima, suffered fatal head wounds after Hamas gunmen opened fire in the southern Gaza town of Abassan. Another Al-Aqsa gunman was wounded. Hamas said on its website that their gunmen wounded two people while foiling an attempt by Fatah to kidnap one of their officers. Clashes resumed despite pledges by Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas and the Hamas-led government to avoid a descent into civil war.

Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas of Fatah has declared his intention to chair a meeting of all factions on Thursday with the aim of bringing an end to clashes. Hamas government spokesman Ghazi Hamad accused "suspect parties" of "trying to provoke disorder" and "set Palestinians against each other". He said the Palestinian government will reactivate the role of the security services and apply the law to end chaos.

Source: The Palestinian Information Center

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