Israeli police hounding Hamas election campaign in Al-Qods

Occupied Jerusalem - Israeli occupation police and troops continued to hound and Harass Hamas supporters, followers and candidates in East Jerusalem.

Israeli police hounding Hamas election campaign in Al-Qods

On Thursday, Zionist police in full gear raided Hamas election offices, vandalizing property and confiscating material and shutting down premises for two weeks.

An Israeli police spokesman said of all Palestinian political groups, Hamas was to be barred from campaigning in Jerusalem.

When asked why Fatah and other Palestinian groups were allowed to campaign although they too support armed struggle against Israel, the spokesman said "we hate Hamas most."

A Hamas campaign official in Al-Qods said the movement would continue to campaign in "our city" no matter what the Israeli army and police do.

"This is our city, this is the city of Omar Ibn al Khattab and Sallahuddin (Saladin). The Zionists here are unwanted guests, they are actually thieves. We are the rightful owners, they are the unwanted squatters."

The manager, who was not qualified to speak to the media, said Hamas will continue to hold rallies and speak to the public despite Israeli repression.

"If they think their repression would weaken us, they are mistaken. The opposite is true."

Source: The Palestinian Information Center

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