Israeli Soldiers Shoot Innocent Civilians

Israeli Occupation Forces Arrest Palestinian Worker at Crossing

Israeli Soldiers Shoot Innocent Civilians

The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) last night arrested a Palestinian worker after shooting at and wounding him in his leg while crossing the Beit Hanun (Erez) crossing back into the Gaza Strip from work in the green line (Palestinian lands occupied in 1948).

Eyewitnesses said that soldiers in a nearby barracks fired at hundreds of laborers at the pretext that one of them was wearing an explosive belt, a matter denied by Palestinian security sources.

Medical sources said that the IOF troops refused to allow ambulance vehicles to carry the wounded young man, whose identity was not revealed. They added that the IOF soldiers arrested the wounded worker and took him into the green line.

The workers were held up at the crossing for two hours after the incident for provocative searches. A number of those workmen expressed dismay over the delay in returning home as a result of those measures.

Medical sources said that closing the crossing and detaining the workers led to the delay in allowing Palestinian sick patients, who were being treated in green line hospitals, from returning to their homes in the Strip. They said that among the eight patients waiting to cross back home some were suffering cancer and heart diseases.

Thousands of workers daily pass through the Erez crossing heading from the Strip to work in the green line and back and usually suffer humiliating measures at the hands of the IOF troops.

Source: Palestinian Information Center


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