Israeli team in US to counter new Iran report

An Israeli delegation is in the United States to press, claiming that Iran is still seeking nuclear arms despite a US intelligence report to the contrary.

Israeli team in US to counter new Iran report
The delegation left for the United States last week "with the goal of proving to the Americans that the Iranian nuclear weapons programme is definitely still in development," the Maariv tabloid said, citing unnamed sources.

The team is arguing that although in 2003 the Iranians stopped a programme to build a nuclear bomb, they have "since launched a new production line that is not fully known about by Western espionage officials."

A recent consensus report of all 16 US spy agencies said Iran halted a nuclear weapons programme in 2003 and US allegations about Iran's atomic goals had been overblown for at least two years.

It added, however, that the Islamic republic could still have the capability to make a nuclear weapon by 2015.

The report dealt a blow to US and Israeli calls for the UN Security Council to impose a third set of sanctions on Iran.

Israel is the sole country that has nuclear power in the Middle East.


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