Israelis fear Nejad's blog

Reports have recently removed the veil over the multilingual Web log launched by the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, in which he discusses his background and beliefs, focusing on belittling the power of the U.S. and criticizing its role in destabil

 Israelis fear Nejad's blog
In his first, largely biographical entry in the online personal diary, Ahmadinejad says he is the son of a "pious" and "hardbeaten toiler blacksmith."

The Iranian website, which can be read in Farsi, English and Arabic and will be translated into French, was down for a few hours on Monday.

After Yedioth Ahronoth had reported on Sunday about the site, Israeli hackers called for a joint effort to hack the site, which invites the readers to take part in a poll on whether the United States and Israel are "pulling the trigger for another world war" by "attacking Lebanon."

President Ahmadinejad, who won Iran's last year's election, in part because of his promise to spread the benefits of Iran's oil wealth more broadly through society, referred to the United States as "Great Satan U.S.A."

State-run television announced the blog's launch Sunday, urging the public to send written messages to the president through the blog's Web site

Nejad said the Islamic Revolution patriarch Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini began to appeal to him in the 1960s and 70s when the ayatollah was in exile.

"The more I became familiar with his thought and philosophy, the more affection I had for that divine leader and his separation and absence was intolerable for me," he wrote, as translated into English.

The Iranian President also used the blog, dated Friday and is more than 2,000 words in English, to give his musings about the 1979 Islamic Revolution and the 1980-88 war against Iraq, when he served in the elite Revolutionary Guards.

"The global arrogance had determine to defeat the Islamic Revolution of the Iran at all costs," he said. "The reason was that they were afraid that this revolution will become a model and ideal path for other nations in the region and in the world."

Although Israel is known to be the world's number one receiver of U.S. military aid, including nuclear missiles, Israel had always been irritated by the fact that Syria and Iran could be supporting the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah, by sending it missile technology and military personnel.

Israeli bloggers claimed that Nejad's site, an unusual move by the conservative president, was down as a result of a joint effort by thousands of Israelis to access the site simultaneously, causing it to crash.

Nejad sparked global condemnation by remarks he made on Oct. 26 last year in which he called for wiping out Israel off the map.

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