Istanbul highway closed as new flood hits Turkey's Marmara / VIDEO

Torrential rains paralyzed daily life throughout Turkey.

Istanbul highway closed as new flood hits Turkey's Marmara / VIDEO

Torrential rains paralyzed daily life throughout Turkey on Saturday.

A brook in Istanbul overflowed, inundating some houses and workplaces in Sariyer neighborhood.

Kilyos brook overflowed due to torrential rains that began in the city in the afternoon, and flooded nearby houses and workplaces.

Also, a local authority of Istanbul's Catalca town said body of one of the four people who were reported missing after Wednesday's floods was found.

Catalca's sub-governor Yuksel Ayhan said efforts were under way to find the other three people, adding that 200 houses and 100 workplaces were damaged and 30 houses were demolished in the floods.

Another local authority in Istanbul said that searches were under way to find three missing people, however the water was blurry and this was negatively affecting search and rescue operations.

Silivri's sub-governor Ahmet Mesut Demirkol said that 600 houses and 383 workplaces were damaged in the floods.

"Seven schools were also damaged, and we have asked the governor's office to postpone the opening of the new school year till September 28," Demirkol said.

Again in the Marmara Region, almost 200 houses and workplaces were under flood waters in Avsa hamlet (Avsa Island).

Thrace is also under the influence of heavy rains. Kesan town of the northwestern province of Edirne is one of the places which was negatively affected by floods, triggered by torrential rains.

The basement of almost 50 houses were inundated, and three municipal personnel were trapped in a river bed.

The Aegean Region was also paralyzed by torrential rains. Twenty houses were inundated in Kocagur village in Canakkale's Biga town.

Main roads were inundated in Aliaga town of Aegean province of Izmir due to torrential rains, and the traffic on Izmir-Canakkale highway was given only on one lane for about an hour.

Didim was another Aegean town that was negatively affected by torrential rains and storm.

Electricity was cut in this holiday resort, and ground floors of some buildings were flooded.

Rainy weather and storm also paralyzed daily life in another Aegean holiday resort, Datca.

Two boats sank and two others ran aground in Datca due to heavy storm.

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