Italy's Festa della Repubblica celebrated in Ankara

Ekren expressed his belief that relations would enhance further during Italay's newly elected PM Silvio Berlusconi's term in office.

Italy's Festa della Repubblica celebrated in Ankara
Festa della Repubblica, the foundation anniversary of Italian republic was celebrated in Ankara with a reception hosted by the Italian Embassy in Ankara.

Turkish Deputy PM Nazim Ekren and other Senior Turkish officials attended the reception.

Speaking at the reception Ekren said both Italy and Turkey were inheritors of two great empires in history, and pointed out that high level visits between the two countries helped enhance the deep rooted relations.

Ekren expressed his belief that relations would enhance further during Italay's newly elected PM Silvio Berlusconi's term in office. He thanked Italy for its support to Turkey's EU bid.

Italy's Ambassador to Turkey Carlo Marsili delivered a speech in Turkish and said relations between the two countries were in a perfect level. He said, "we are one of the biggest supporters of Turkey's EU membership bid. Italy which knows that an EU without Turkey is unthinkable, wants Turkey's accession to the EU in the shortest possible time."

Marsili said Italy was Turkey's 3rd largest trade partner. He said cultural relations with Turkey were also on a good level and pointed out that they reached an agreement with Turkey to found a Turkish-Italian University in Istanbul.

Italian university in Istanbul.

Also, Italy's Cosul to Izmir said on Monday that first Turkish-Italian inter-governmental summit would be held soon.

Italian Consul Simon Carta, speaking at a reception held to mark National Day of Italy, said Italy held such kind of summits only with its "European partners", noting that Turkey would host this first summit.

Carta said "Turkish-Italian Forum" which has become traditional, would take place in Rome at the end of this year.

Noting that Italy was one of the biggest supporters of Turkey which was on the way to European Union (EU), "because Italy knows that there can not be a real European Union without Turkey," he added.

Carta said Turkey's membership would strengthen Mediterranean dimension of the EU.

Italian Consul said Italy was the third biggest trade partner of Turkey, adding that trade volume between the two parties would exceed 20 billion USD at the end of the year.

He said Italian companies investing in Turkey added strength to bilateral relations, and noted that cultural relations between Turkey and Italy were in good level.

Carta also referred to agreement of the two parties to establish an Italian university in Istanbul.

Festa della Repubblica is celebrated on the second day of June, and it commemorates the institutional referendum of 1946 when (by universal suffrage) the Italian population was called to decide what form of government (monarchy or republic) to give to the country after the second world war and the fall of Fascism.

After 85 years of monarchy, with 12,717,923 votes for and 10,719,284 votes against, Italy became a Republic, and the monarchs of the House of Savoy were deposed and exiled. This is one of the most important Italian public holidays celebrates the birth of the nation.


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