Jamaat-e-Islami Launches Fund-raising Campaign for PA Government

Jamaat-e-Islami has set up a fund to help the elected government of Palestinian Resistance Movement HAMAS

Jamaat-e-Islami Launches Fund-raising Campaign for PA Government
Jamaat-e-Islami has set up a fund to help the elected government of Palestinian resistance movement (Hamas) and donated an initial amount of Rs 10 million in it. This announcement was made by JI Ameer Qazi Hussain Ahmad addressing a press conference here Friday. He appealed to Pakistani nation for whole heartedly donating in the Hamas fund in the same spirit they had ran funding campaign for the earthquake victims in the recent months, so as to enable the Palestinians break the western noose of economic blockade around them set up on the behest of US-Israel nexus.

He said US and Israel have joined hands to crush Islam and Muslims, and it was the duty of the Muslim world to fully back Hamas in order to make its first elected government survive the western economic onslaught. He said Palestinian people have given heavy mandate to Hamas but the western world which called itself as champions of democracy has come in aid of Israeli illegitimate regime instead of respecting the mandate of Palestinian people. He expressed sorrow that US and western countries have dual standards of democracy regarding Muslim world, and they are bringing Jews from all over the world to settle in Israel while the native Palestinians who were driven out 5o years ago were not allowed to return to their homeland.

He expressed concern over US threats to attack Iran and said it would be considered an attack on Pakistan and the nation would support Iran against this aggression. He said Pakistani rulers attitude is against the interests of Muslim world because military regime in Islamabad is announcing to remain impartial during any US attack on Iran. He said on the other hand the Arab League not only acknowledged Hamas government but also assured full support to it. He said the joint military exercises by Pakistan, US and Afghanistan is not in the national interests and its actual target is Pakistan's national integrity.

To a question, Qazi said a call to launch a final sit-in against Musharraf regime would be given in September this year after complete preparations. He said the call would be given by MMA and other opposition parties after consultations. He said Musharraf regime is unpopular government and if sixty thousand workers could be assembled on Islamabad streets the government would fall down easily. To a question, he said the MMA is a blessing and its leadership don't like to break or eliminate it. He said NWFP people have given mandate to MMA government and if Musharraf considers himself courageous enough he should try eliminate the NWFP government.

He said Nishtar park bomb blast inquiry could not be held impartially in the presense of Sindh governor and Home Minister. He said Karachi is ruled by terrorism and lawlessness and over 30 police officers who participated in operation against MQM during Naseerullah Babar era have already been killed. He said MMA would observe Karachi martyrs day on May 12 all over the country to condemn the murder of 12 MMA workers during the by elections at the hands of government backed terrorists. He held Gen Musharraf directly responsible for all the terrorism in Karachi. He said people of Karachi have become fed up of the hooliganism of MQM and looking for some messiah. He said the need of the hour was that opposition parties should join hands to establish a civilized government in Sindh, adding that JI possess the capability to provide justice to the people

Source: JI Media News

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