Jerusalem Walls Facing Collapse or Judaization

The Israeli warnings claiming that the walls of eastern Jerusalem may collapse at any moment are not above suspicion.

Jerusalem Walls Facing Collapse or Judaization

 Such claims point to a plot being contemplated by Israelis, particularly the extremists who wish to demolish Al-Aqsa Mosque and rebuild their alleged temple. Otherwise, why would they claim that only the northern sector bordering the Muslim quarters and Al-Aqsa Mosque are bound to collapse at any moment and not mention anything like that about the sectors bordering the Christian and Jewish quarters?

The concerned Islamic department and the Palestinian heritage renovation bureaus affirm that the wall built between 1536 and 1542 BC over a square kilometer in the middle of East Jerusalem is under no immediate threat but only needs ordinary maintenance work. The concerned authorities question the aim behind the publication of the results of a study in this regard conducted, by the Israeli archeology authorities, at this particular time.

Islamic circles and Palestinian academics warn against an Israeli political agenda beyond the declaration and exaggeration of these dangers. They believe that this is only a prelude to a potential Jewish annexation of areas in the neighborhood of the fence in the form of settlement outposts inside and outside the fence. The Israelis know very well the significance of warning against such dangers as they have been digging tunnels under Al-Aqsa Mosque for many years now to weaken its structure and ultimately demolish it and re-build the so-called "Solomon Temple" claiming that Al-Aqsa Mosque was built over its ruins.

The wall of Jerusalem and the whole city of Jerusalem has been, for a long time, subject to Israeli plots of annexation and judaization. The Jewish extremists reserve no means to provoke Muslims through subjecting the Holy Al-Aqsa Mosque to their threats.

Only recently, the Jewish Quarter (in the old city) Development Company, after the Israeli annexation of Palestinian property, registered 1,300 real estates in the names of Jewish persons in a clear, illegitimate aggression. Besides, the Israeli authorities are embarking on replacing Arabic names of areas and landmarks with Jewish ones with a view to abolishing the Palestinian existence from the holy city. The Jewish quarter development company even went as far as requesting its government's permission to extend its mandate to include the Islamic quarter in order to register the house of the Israeli prime minister in such a blatant provocative manner.

The recurrent allegations of threats facing the walls of Jerusalem are only supplementing the extensive annexation arrangements undertaken by the occupation authorities in Arab Jerusalem within a plan to destroy the Palestinian national independence project that places Jerusalem at the heart of its cause.

The Israeli plot aimed at excluding Jerusalem from a prospective settlement is bound to fail as no one in the Palestinian leadership can negotiate the position of Jerusalem at any price as this city is still and will continue to be at the heart of the struggle until reaching a realistic and just solution to the Palestine cause.

The Palestinian leadership is now understandably preoccupied with the aftermath of the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza and is under intense American and Israeli pressure. This leadership is undoubtedly in need of Arab and Islamic support and intervention against the threats and plots engulfing Jerusalem. The Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Conference should shoulder the responsibility of supporting the Palestinian people in defending its rights and sacred shrines that are subjected to Israeli plots at all fronts.

Source : "Al-Watan" Newspaper from QATAR

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