Jordan protests Iran for allowing Annapolis protestors

The Jordanian government on Tuesday protested to Iran for allowing protestors to gather in front of its embassy in Teheran, the official Petra news agency reported.

Jordan protests Iran for allowing Annapolis protestors
The protestors were demonstrating against the Middle East peace conference currently taking place at Annapolis, Maryland.

The protest was relayed by Jordan's Minister of State for Information Affairs, Nasser Judeh, to the Iranian ambassador, Mohammad Irani, after he was summoned to Jordan's Foreign Ministry.

"Jordan totally rejects such an incident which has been possible to avert. The Iranian government is under obligation to prevent its repetition," Judeh told the Iranian ambassador.

Judeh told Irani that the incident was "unjustifiable" at a time when "all peoples of the region are taking part in endeavours to achieve the target ... re-launching a comprehensive peace process that handles all aspects of the Arab-Israeli conflict."


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