Jordanian media carry unified reaction to Danish cartoons

More than 20 Jordanian media outlets on Wednesday carried a highly professional and objective response to the recent "professionally degrading" reprinting by Danish newspapers of cartoons deemed sacrilegious to the Prophet Mohammed(PBHU).

Jordanian media carry unified reaction to Danish cartoons
Under the banner line "Prophet Mohammed Unites Us," six Jordanian daily newspapers and 15 weekly and electronic editions all printed the same text describing the Danish move as part of a wider "dangerous and systematic phenomenon" aimed at offending Islam and Muslims throughout the world.

"Our serious effort, aimed at divulging who is the real criminal and who is the sole beneficiary, will contribute to endeavours seeking to foil a blueprint that aims to fan up conflicts among faiths and civilizations," the article said.

The concerted reaction by the Jordanian media recommended the severing of diplomatic ties with Denmark and a boycott of Danish goods.


Güncelleme Tarihi: 28 Şubat 2008, 12:20