Knesset member: Israel-Hezbollah war this summer

Dr. Arieh Eldad, member of the Israeli Knesset representing the opposition National Union Party, told NewsMax in an exclusive interview this week, that Israel will be at war with Hezbollah this summer.

Knesset member: Israel-Hezbollah war this summer

"We have no choice. We will have to do it," said Dr. Eldad said,admitting that Israel is facing a new strategic threat, partly due to itsdisgraceful defeat and failure to destroy Hezbollah in their last summer war inLebanon, and partly because its tarnished image in the eyes of the "enemies".

Hezbollahis stronger

"Hezbollah is becoming stronger every day," he admitted."They are rebuilding their ammunition stores, their medium and longmissiles. They are going back to their bunkers in the south of Lebanon."

"There is no way the United Nations force [currently in south Lebanon]is going to prevent the smuggling of these missiles across the Syrian border orthe fortification of south Lebanon."

Earlier this week and in a conference that drew top U.S. officials,Israeli experts said that Hezbollah poses the most immediate internationalterrorist danger.

The Institute for Counter-Terrorism, an independent think tank comprisingformer top Israeli security officials, ran a workshop at the Israeli Embassy inWashingtonwhere experts studied new strategies in combating "terrorism".

Eitan Azani, the institute's expert, claimed that Hezbollah's operations inmore than 40 countries, including the United States and Canada, "can transfer in ashort time from the criminal arena to the terrorist arena,"

"It can carry out an attack in a short time."

Experts have long warned that a Western attack on Iranwould lead to confrontation with Hezbollah- a theory institute expertssupported during their gathering on Wednesday, that was also attended by top U.S.counter-terrorism officials.

Dr. Eldad furthermore stated that tactics of Lebanese resistance movementHezbollah are being pursued and readied in Gaza.

"Hamas is building bunkers. They are bringing missiles across theEgyptian border, and the Egyptian government is failing to prevent it. So Ihope the next Israeli government will be courageous enough to carry out theseoperations before it is too late."

The Ministerial Committee for Symbols and Ceremonies has decided to label Israel'sconflict with Hezbollah last summer The Second Lebanon War.

Among other names the committee was considering before finally deciding onThe Second Lebanon War were the War of the North, or Shield of the North War.


Speaking to a panel investigating the Israeli government's handling of Lebanon's war, Vice-Premier Shimon Peresdescribed Israel'sdecision to invade the country as "a mistake", arguing that the military wasunprepared.

According to the 15-page transcript of his appearance before the commissionlast November, which was made public only last week, Peres admitted that theLebanese resistance movement did a better job in handling media coverage thanthe Israelis did.

"The greatest mistake is the very fact of war," he told thecommission. "If it had been up to me, I would not have gone into thiswar."

The commission had been appointed by the Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmertin response to the intense pressure his government has been facing from theangry public because of the country's failure to win the war.



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