Kosovo PM proposes date for 'independence day'

PM Agim Ceku proposed that the Kosovo parliament unilaterally proclaim independence for the province on November 28.

Kosovo PM proposes date for 'independence day'
Prime Minister Agim Ceku proposed on Friday that the Kosovo parliament unilaterally proclaim independence for the province on November 28.

Ceku said that this was just a personal suggestion and it has not been discussed with or approved by other Kosovo-Albanian officials or with the UN administration in Kosovo.

The proposed date coincides with Flag Day, celebrated worldwide by ethnic Albanians.

Ceku and the leader of the ORA reformist political party, Veton Surroi, support the setting of a date to proclaim Kosovo's independence, while Kosovo President Fatmir Sejdiu and Democratic Party of Kosovo leader Hashim Thaci are opposed to the idea.

Ceku said that he expected the process to determine Kosovo's future status to be finished by then.

Currently, Kosovo's status is locked in stalemate.

The European Union and United States support a plan for granting the province an internationally-supervised form of independence, while Serbia, backed by Russia, demands that it retain sovereignty over its southern province, populated mainly by independence-seeking ethnic Albanians.

Ceku said that the process of determining Kosovo's status through the Security Council was a failed one, and that he was looking forward to a 'coordinated independence,' administered by the EU with help from the US.

Kosovo has been under UN administration since a NATO bombing campaign forced Serbian forces out of the province in 1999.

After a year of UN-mediated negotiations on the status of Kosovo between Belgrade and Pristina, the UN's Kosovo envoy drafted a plan calling for internationally-supervised independence for the province.

While the Albanian majority living in Kosovo supports the plan, Serbia is offering nothing more than widespread autonomy while retaining sovereignty over the province.


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