Kremlin installs Chechen president

Ramzan Kadyrov was inaugurated as the new president of Chechnya on a blessing from the Kremlin. Human rights groups allege that security forces under Kadyrov abduct and torture civilians suspected.

Kremlin installs Chechen president

The widely feared strongman Ramzan Kadyrov was inauguratedThursday as the new president of Chechnyaona blessing from the Kremlin, which has relied on him to stabilize the region.

Human rights groups allege that security forces under Kadyrov's controlabduct and torture civilians suspected. Some suggest he was tied to last year'smurder of Anna Politkovskaya, a journalist who had reported extensively on Chechnya'swars and sufferings. Kadyrov has denied involvement.

Kadyrov,who was nominated by Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, and approved bylocal parliament last month, is credited by many locals with restoring orderafter two wars wrecked the region since 1994.

AlthoughKadyrov is accused of involvement in the disappearances and torture ofcivilians, allegedly using a private prison at his home in Tsenteroi, in recentyears he has also been credited with overseeing a large Moscow-backedrebuilding programme.

Kadyrov,who has always denied allegations of rights abuses, became prime minister inthe region's pro-Moscow administration in 2006 and took over aspresident-designate in February this year.

With theblessing of Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, he has been in de factocontrol of Chechnyasince his father, Akhmad Kadyrov, the then Chechen president, was assassinatedin a bomb attack at a sports stadium in 2004.

Chechen fighter killed

OnWednesday, in the build up to the ceremony, Suleiman Imurzayev, also known asKhairulla, a Chechen fighter suspected of being behind the bombing that killedKadyrov's father, died in a shoot out with Chechen security forces killed,Russian media reported.

"Thisperson took responsibility for the death of my father and said that RamzanKadyrov is next," Kadyrov said in a statement. "He has now beendestroyed."

But onThursday, the Kommersantnewspaper quoted an unnamed prosecution official as saying that Imurzayev hadbeen shot at close range in the stomach followed by a "control shot"to the head, casting doubt on the official claim that he had been killed in agun battle.

Alsoahead of the inauguration Kadyrov, who has cultivated his image as a devoutMuslim, made a pilgrimage to Mecca,the Islamic holy city.

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