Kyrgyz prime minister resigns

The prime minister of Kyrgyzstan has offered his resignation to the Central Asian country's president.

Kyrgyz prime minister resigns

The prime minister of Kyrgyzstan has offered hisresignation to the Central Asian country's president.

The move by Azim Isabekov on Thursday means that, according to theconstitution, the entire cabinet must resigned.

The office of Kurmanbek Bakiyev, the Kyrgyz president, saidhe had accepted the resignation and had appointed had appointed AlmazAtambayev, a moderate opposition politician, as interim prime minister.

Isabekov resigned "in order to preserve the stabilityof the country," a government spokeswoman, Roza Daudova, said.

The change of prime minister came after Bakiyev refused toauthorise Isabekov's decision to sack seven cabinet members on Wednesday, onceagain increasing political uncertainty the country.

Bakiyev was quoted by his press office as saying thatIsabekov "believes the most important thing now is to preserve thestability of the country and not allow mass disturbances and disorder".

"I hope this step ... will give positive results, help end the escalationof social tension and force those people who are desperate for power at anycost to think long and hard," he said.

Opposition leaders have threatened a major protest for nextmonth. The country has inexperienced regular political instability following anuprising in March 2005 in which Bakiyev's predecessor, Askar Akayev was ousted.

Isabekov himself had been appointed prime minister only in January after animpasse caused by a series of constitutional changes forced the previousgovernment, headed by Felix Kulov, to resign.


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