Lebanese Interior Minister resigned

Sabeh resignes after Beirut Riot

Lebanese Interior Minister resigned

Lebanon's Interior Minister Hassan Sabeh announced his resignation Sunday after protestors attacked the Danish embassy in Beirut during riots sparked by blasphemous cartoons insulting Islam's holy Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

Sabeh said at the beginning of an emergency cabinet meeting that he has submitted his resignation to the Prime Minister and left the session.

"I submitted my resignation to the government after criticisms were raised," Sabeh said.

He said he had refused to give security the order to fire on the protestors.

"I did not want to be responsible for any carnage," he said.

"Despite the interventions of more than 1,000 members of the security forces, we were unable to impose order because of the determination of the protestors, who numbered several thousand."

Earlier Sunday, angry demonstrators stormed and set ablaze the Danish embassy in Beirut in protest over cartoons published in a Danish newspaper insulting to Islam's Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

Source: IRIB

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