Lebanese singer picks Ýstanbul

Artists from Dubai, Qatar, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon have also come to Istanbul to record their albums.

Lebanese singer picks Ýstanbul
One of the most popular singers in the Arab world, Assi al-Hellani, is currently in Ýstanbul shooting a video for his latest hit "Bab Amyebki" (The Door is Crying).

Hellani, a Lebanese singer, is very popular for his strong voice, sentimental songs and charisma. He has won a number of awards internationally and was named a UN Goodwill Ambassador. In 2002, he won the Murex d'Or award as the best Arab singer.

Speaking to Today's Zaman, Hellani explained how Ýstanbul has attracted him for his musical projects. "It is a very enchanting city with its history, culture, architecture, and natural beauties as well as the warm hospitality of the Turkish people. All that makes me prefer Ýstanbul for my music videos," Hellani said.

He also has confidence in Ýstanbul's music industry. "It is high-profile and perfectly capable of providing everything necessary to make an album and a video. For example this song we are working on is arranged by Turkish artist Ufuk Yýldýrým. The Turkish instrument players are highly talented and they posses a deep notion of music. I have already recorded a number of songs in Ýstanbul, including a song from famous Turkish singer and composer Selami Þahin. Ýstanbul is a very a convenient place for my musical works."

He believes his audience in the Arab world also enjoys the landscape and nature of Ýstanbul. Hellani has made three videos in the city previously, and his fans liked them very much. "The village of Cumhuriyet and the town of Ömerli on the Asian side of Ýstanbul have breathtaking nature, reminiscent of some Lebanese towns."

Hellani also expressed his views on Turkish music. "It is magnificent. Turkish music is one of the most beautiful kinds of music in the world. The themes, colors, tastes and melodies are very close to that of ours. Therefore I work closely with Turkish artists."

Among his plans for the future is a joint concert or a duet album with a Turkish singer. "It would be a great honor for me to sing for the Turkish people. That would hopefully be a contribution for the establishment of a cultural bridge between Turkey and the Arab world."

Hellani says he likes Ýbrahim Tatlýses and Tarkan most among Turkish singers. "Tarkan has a modern and energetic style. Ýbrahim Tatlýses has an impressive voice and I have much in common with his style of music," he said.


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