Lebanon calls on UN to look into Israeli threats

Lebanon called Wednesday on the United Nations Security Council to consider Israel's threats against the country as serious and take appropriate measures in a timely manner.

Lebanon calls on UN to look into Israeli threats
In a letter to the world body, the Lebanese government urged the United Nations to take the Winograd Report on the 2006 Israeli conflicts with Lebanon, which indicates the regime's preparations for a new war, seriously.

The letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon added Israel should be held responsible for such threats, and called on the Jewish state to respect Lebanon's sovereignty and the UN Security Council resolutions, particularly Resolution 1701.

Beirut also underlined the necessity to change the fragile state of a ceasefire between Lebanon and Israel into a permanent peace agreement.

The Lebanese government also accused the Israeli regime of violating Resolution 1701, citing the abduction of Lebanese citizens by Israeli troops.

The letter also called on the international community to live up to their promises and to play a more active part in the reconstruction of Lebanon.


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