Lebanon opposition assigns Christian leader for dialogue

Lebanese Free Patriotic Movement leader Michel Aoun said the opposition has assigned him to take part in political dialogue with the ruling majority, local Naharnet news website reported.

Lebanon opposition assigns Christian leader for dialogue
"I am assigned by the opposition to go into dialogue with anybody to reach a settlement," Aoun, a main leader of the opposition, was quoted as saying at his residence in Rabiyeh in Mount Lebanon.

He disclosed there was a "veiled settlement document in circulation", refusing to elaborate on the remark.

"I won't talk about the negotiation document, we'll disclose it during negotiations," Aoun said.

Aoun also stressed that reaching an understanding with the majority before forming the new government is "necessary."

Lebanon is facing its worst crisis since the end of the 1975-1990 civil war, being locked in a political impasse arose from a power struggle between the governing coalition and the pro-Syria opposition.

The two camps have agreed in principle to elect Lebanese Army Chief Gen. Michel Suleiman as the successor to former President Emile Lahoud, who stepped down on Nov. 24.

But they are still divided on how to amend the constitution to allow for Suleiman's election, as well as on the shape and policies of the future government.

Article 49 of the Lebanese constitution stipulates that the presidency cannot be given to an acting senior civil servant, unless 10 lawmakers petition for a constitutional amendment that must then be approved by two thirds of parliament and endorsed by the government.

Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri on Monday postponed a special session to select a president till next Dec. 17. It is the eighth postponement since Sept. 25.


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