Lebanon seeks death penalty for Fatah al-Islam leader

Lebanon's chief prosecutor is seeking the death penalty for the fugitive Fatah al-Islam leader over a twin bus bombing a year ago that killed three people, his office said Tuesday.

Lebanon seeks death penalty for Fatah al-Islam leader
Prosecutor Said Mirza has accused Shaker al-Abssi, head of the Fatah al-Islam group which fought a 15-week battle against the army in a Palestinian refugee camp last year, of "incitement to murder," over the attack.

He is seeking the same penalty for another three Syrian members of the Fatah al-Islam who are accused of carrying out the Feb. 13, 2007 attack in the mountain village of Ain Alak.

The attack came as Lebanon was preparing to mark the second anniversary of the murder of former prime minister Rafiq Hariri, whose death in a Beirut car bombing triggered the country's worst crisis since the 1975-1990 civil war.

In addition to being hunted by Lebanese troops, Abssi is wanted by both Syria and Jordan for radical activities including the 2002 assassination of a U.S. diplomat in Amman.

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