Libya report request denied, Palestinians throw shoes at Abbas / PHOTO

UNSC has rejected Libya's request to hold a special session on the Goldstone report as Palestinians threw their shoes at Abbas.

Libya report request denied, Palestinians throw shoes at Abbas / PHOTO

Palestinians threw their shoes at Abbas who supported the delay of UN report that details Israel war crimes in Gaza offensive and the UN Security Council has rejected Libya's request to hold a special session on the Goldstone report.

Angered Palestinians accuse him of selling out the national cause in favour of Israel under political pressure from the United States.

Hundreds of anti-Abbas posters were plastered on walls Wednesday.

On Wednesday, Gaza professors threw shoes at his defaced image and West Bank commentators called for his resignation, the latest signs Abbas may have miscalculated in bowing to what Palestinian officials say was intense U.S. pressure.

One showed a photo of Abbas with a black X across his face and the words: "To the trash heap of history, you traitor, Mahmoud Abbas."

Meanwhile, some aides conceded Abbas, 74, was on the defensive. They said he would address the nation, but did not say when.

Some critics said he was out of touch and should quit.

"It's not just the Gaza street. It's also the West Bank street," said Sami Alkam, a doctor in the West Bank city of Hebron, where support for Abbas is weak.

The Palestinians see New York delayas a humiliation for Gaza victims and Abbas's future grew darker still.

Israel killed nearly 1500 Palestinians, a third of them children and wounded more than 5000 Palestinians in the 22-day military aggression in December 2008 on Gaza.


"The Palestinian Authority has committed a mistake," said Abbas aide Yasser Abed Rabbo of the Geneva decision. "We admit it. It can be corrected. We are working on that."

The decision to postpone was based on "false information", he said. "The president will take action to correct that."

Officials said Abbas in his planned broadcast would explain what happened at the Geneva Human Rights Council meeting and what went wrong. But the president was currently in Rome and Palestinians would have to wait a day at least to hear him.

"The political consequences for Abbas are huge. We'll need a lot of time to repair the damage," he added. The president would probably begin by firing "those who gave him inaccurate information," said an official who declined to be named.

Palestinians also see saw the decision to shelve the report as a craven surrender by Abbas to pressure from Washington. Some even alleged darkly that their president did it for personal benefit.

"Abbas is a spent force ... a tragic shell of a man, hollow, politically impotent, backed and respected by nobody, wrote Palestinian-born commentator Rami Khouri in Beirut's Daily Star.

"Mahmoud Abbas has failed his people, but he can partially redeem himself and set the stage for his successor to play a more effective role. He should act with honour and confidence by stepping down as Palestinian president."

Last week, Abbas withdrew Palestinian support for a vote in the U.N. Human Rights Council in Geneva to have the report sent to the U.N. General Assembly for possible action — the first of many steps toward establishing war crimes tribunals. The council set the report aside for six months.

"Rejecting emergency talks"

The UN Security Council has rejected Libya's request to hold a special session on the Goldstone report but agreed to advance a periodical meeting to address the issues it raises.

At a closed door session, the UN Security Council decided against an emergency session, but voted to bring forward its monthly meeting on the Middle East by six days, to October 14.

Israeli forces deliberately attacked civilians, failed to take precautions to minimize loss of civilian life and cited strong evidence Israeli forces committed grave breaches of the Geneva Convention, the 575-page report noted.

Israel has rejected a cooperation with the Goldstone team or had not allowed it onto its territory.

"Postponing unity deal meeting"

Palestinian Hamas have asked Egypt to postpone a meeting with their Fatah movement at which they were expected to sign a reconciliation pact.

It was supposed to take place in Cairo on Oct 24-26, with a signing ceremony.

"Hamas told Egypt that the popular shock caused by the Palestinian Authority's delaying of the vote on the Goldstone report was a blow to their efforts and sabotaged the atmosphere for such an event," a Palestinian official close to the talks told Reuters in Gaza.

An angry crowd in Gaza threw shoes at his defaced portrait on Wednesday and called him a traitor. But Fatah loyalists accused Hamas of cynically fanning popular feeling against its top political opponent.

Fatah is now struggling to correct what aides to Abbas have admitted was a diplomatic mistake. The president has promised an address to the nation to explain what went wrong and official sources have hinted that heads may roll.

"The problem is not in the Egyptian paper (for reconciliation), the problem is in the shameful Fatah position over the Goldstone report," Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said on Wednesday.

Gaza-born senior Fatah leader Mohammed Dahlan, who is now based in the West Bank, accused Hamas of exploiting the Goldstone case "to destroy the Palestinian political system and to destroy Palestinian legitimacy through attacking Abu Mazen (Abbas)."

"We, in Fatah, have admitted that postponing the vote was a mistake. But the question is to rectify this, and it's not through accusations of treason," Dahlan told Reuters.

Abu Zuhri said Dahlan's comments proved Fatah was entirely to blame over the delaying of the vote on the U.N. report.

"We do not call it a mistake. We call it a deliberate acquittal of the (Israeli) occupation for war crimes they committed," Abu Zuhri said.

Hamas by contrast is enjoying a wave of popularity for securing the release of 20 female prisoners from Israel last week in return for a video showing that the Israeli soldier it has held captive for three years is alive and well.



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