List of amnesty recipients terror-based

During his seven years in the Presidency, Turkish President Ahmet Necdet Sezer granted amnesty to 260 prisoners under the 104th article of the Turkish Constitution.

List of amnesty recipients terror-based

During his sevenyears in the Presidency, Turkish President Ahmet Necdet Sezer granted amnestyto 260 prisoners under the 104th article of the Turkish Constitution.

During his seven years in the Çankaya Presidential Palace, President AhmetNecdet Sezer granted amnesty to 260 prisoners under the 104th article of theTurkish Constitution.

Taking into consideration similar pardons by previous presidents, such asthe 100 pardons granted by Süleyman Demirel, or the 21 pardons granted byTurgut Özal, it is possible to say that Sezer has broken a record. There is,however, an interesting aspect to this record. A full 78 percent of prisonerspardoned by Sezer were tried as terror suspects and had later applied foramnesty on the basis of health problems. Only 22 percent of prisoners grantedamnesty by Sezer were not in prison on terror charges.

Most of those granted amnesty by Sezer were members of terror groups such asthe Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), TIKKO, the Marist-Leninist Liberation Party(MLKP), the Revolutionary People's Liberation Party/Front (DHKP/C), THKP andTDKP. Many prisoners who went on hunger strikes to then receive Sezer's pardonwere later diagnosed with Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome. While a large number ofthose pardoned left prison only to commit crime again and return to prison,some were later killed in clashes with security forces.

 Among those who received amnesty from Sezer is an entire family.Mustafa Demirer, a THKP-C/DEV-SOL terrorist group member, went to prisonfollowing the murder of a policeman. Once there, Demirer began a hunger strike.Later, in March 2003, he was granted amnesty by Sezer. Mustafa Demirer'ssister, Hatice Demirer (38) was also a member of THKP-C/DEV-SOL and received 15years in prison for her actions. She also started a hunger strike in prison andwas later granted amnesty, in the same file as her brother, by Sezer in Marchof 2003. Hatice Demirer's husband, Ali Yilmaz (35), received a life sentencefor his actions as a member of the TKEP/L terror group. He also used a hungerstrike to gain recognition in a report and was thus pardoned by Sezer on June30, 2003. Mustafa Demirer's younger sister, Perihan Demirer, was later killedin clashes with local police. As for Demirer's wife, Filiz Demirer, and hersister Ülker Karayel, they are both currently in prison on charges related totheir membership in the THKP-C/DEV-SOL terror group. 

 The names and stories of some of the people who have received Sezer'samnesties are eye-catching. Here are some of their details: 

 Mehmet Salih Arýgtekin (36) was sent to prison on a life sentence forstrafing a police car with gunfire. He was later pardoned based on a doctor'sreport. His older brother, Nasýr Arýgtekin (52), was sent to Diyarbakýr E-type prison for his activitiesin the PKK. His sister's husband, Fahrettin Tan (52), was also sent to the Diyarbakýr prison, whilehis other brother-in-law, Ýzzet Deðirmenci (56), was sent to a special prisonin Batman/Sason. His nephews Türkan Deðirmenci (27), Diyaettin Tan (28) andSadrettin Tan (27) were arrested for membership in the PKK. Mehmet SalihArýgtekin's younger brother, Hasan Arýgtekin, went to prison for drugsmuggling, as did another brother-in-law, Muhyettin Atay. 

 Bekir Sýtký Keçeci (46), responsible for the Aegean region for theDHKP/C terror group, received 12 years, six months in prison for a bomb attackon a police vehicle. His wife, Oya Keçeci (38), also received this sentence forher participation in a number of violent acts. Bekir Sýtký Keçeci's brother,Mustafa Þekip Keçeci (51), spent time in prison on charges related to hisleadership in the DEV-YOL terror group in Aydýn. Another brother, Mehmet EminKeçeci, was killed in clashes with security forces in 1979.

Ulaþ Göçmen (31) was caught while wounded after an attack on the Kuþtepepolice headquarters in which a policeman was killed. As a member of DHKP/C,Göçmen received a life sentence for his acts. After serving only four years,Göçmen was granted amnesty by Sezer. His cousin, Mustafa Göçmen (25), receivedeight years in prison for setting fire to a police vehicle. 

 Some were captured in action, others were killed

A married couple, Okan and Berna Ünsal headed the Ankara branch of the terror groupTKP/ML-TIKKO and received 22 and 15 years, respectively, for their actions inrelation to this group. Headlines were made when Berna Ünsal had a relationshipwith TIKKO militant Cemal Keser while in prison and became pregnant. Both theÜnsals were pardoned by Sezer -- Berna in 2001 and her husband Okan in 2003.Both were later killed in clashes with security forces on June 16, 2005 on theTunceli plains. Also killed in these same clashes was terrorist Ökkeþ Karaoðlu,who had also been pardoned and released from prison after receiving a 15-yearsentence. 

 After receiving amnesty from Sezer, Orhan Gül wasted no time assumingthe helm of the TKP/ML-(TIKKO) terror group. He was later killed in clasheswith security forces in Tunceli in 2004. Mürþit Alsan (38) was born inMardin-Kýzýltepe and was caught, wounded by the police after clashes in theMardin district of Derik. He received a life sentence at his trial. He waspardoned three years later and then caught organizing a bomb attack against theMardin police. He was sent to prison again. His older brother, Mahmut Aslan(40) received eight years, four months in prison for aiding the PKK. His otherbrother, Ali Aslan (47) received six years, eight months for similarreasons. 

 Enis Aras (30), born in Antakya, wasa member of the DHKP/C terror group and received 12 years, six months inprison. He stayed in prison for only two years and five months, and after hisrelease on amnesty, he participated in a protest held by the Association forInmates' Families' Solidarity (TAYAD) in Hatay. He was again sent to prison.Mehmet Güvel, a member of the DHKP/C terror group, received 12 years, sixmonths in prison. He was granted amnesty by Sezer in 2003, after which he wascaught in Istanbultaking part in a protest. 

 Madýmak Özen was captured carrying out activities in connection withher membership in DHKP/C. She was sentenced to 12 years. After serving twoyears, she began a hunger strike. She was not accepted for treatment atÝstanbul's Haydarpaþa Numune Hospital.Sezer later pardoned Madýmak Özen, Gülperi Özen, Fatma Güzel, and Nil PýnarArýn. Mustafa Erkan Çetin (38) was in charge of the DHKP/C's eastern Black Sea region. He was pardoned by Sezer, along withErdoðan Toprak (42) and Toprak's relative Mesut Sevimli. Haydar Güneþ (41), atop-level operative in the TDKP terror group, was pardoned along with AyhanToprak (44), who was at the time a top leader of the TKP-ML (TIKKO) group.Toprak's wife, Sakine Toprak received a 12-year sentence but was also pardonedlater by Sezer.

 Samsun MP: Sezer amnesty record not coincidental

 Justice and Development Party (AK Party) Samsun deputy Musa Uzunkaya, who brought thematter of the number of prisoners receiving amnesty from President Ahmet NecdetSezer to the Turkish Parliament for the first time, has asserted that Sezer'sactions with regards to the pardons are not mere coincidence. 

 "The information on the 260 people that have received amnesties from thepresident is incomplete because those figures were from 2003 and they onlyemerged as a result of a motion I had made to have this matter investigated.There are still no official figures on the prisoners who received amnesties in2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007. I asked about these in a question motion put to theJustice Ministry. When the answer to these questions comes it will become clearthat there are a great number of prisoners that have been pardoned. 

 "It is very easy to analyze this situation. The president has,unfortunately, acted in an ideologically motivated manner. These people wereall pardoned on the basis of threats to their lives. But then how mysterious itis that some of them returned to the mountains, while others were capturedduring clashes. Four of them were captured in clashes in Tunceli. What is sointeresting about this is that all of those who received pardons were eithermembers of extreme leftist parties, or of terror groups. Why was not even one aMuslim, or a wrongly imprisoned prisoner? Why were all of them from leftistgroups? This is proof of Sezer's ideological actions," Uzunkaya claimed.

 "Meanwhile for some reason a 72-year-old diabetic and religiousfanatic who was caught in Adapazarý while preparing to assassinate [formerPresident Süleyman] Demirel was not judged worthy of Sezer's amnesty. Youcannot explain all these things away as coincidences," he added.

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