Litvinenko suspect refuses third country trial

A man suspected by Britain of involvement in the murder of exiled former spy Alexander Litvinenko refused to stand trial over the affair in a third country in an interview published Saturday.

Litvinenko suspect refuses third country trial
Russia's refusal to extradite Andrei Lugovoi to Britain over the Kremlin critic's death in London last November has fuelled a crisis in relations between the two countries over the affair.

Lugovoi also told the Daily Telegraph one of his reasons for regretting the row was that it would stop him buying tailored shirts on London's exclusive Jermyn Street, adding: "I'll also miss going to the football."

Moscow accuses Britain of double standards in demanding Lugovoi but refusing to extradite billionaire businessman Boris Berezovsky, who has called for President Vladimir Putin to be overthrown.

Berezovsky suggested earlier this week that he could stand trial in a third country if Lugovoi did the same.

But in the interview, Lugovoi dismissed this, saying: "Britain's reaction in the past week has convinced me more than ever that British intelligence was involved in the murder... I am not going on trial in a third country.

"I refuse categorically."

Lugovoi, a former agent who denies any involvement, said Friday he was ready to face trial in Russia.


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