Malaysian Muslims boycott U.S. goods

Malaysian Muslims launched a boycott campaign of American goods in protest over the U.S.'s support for Israel's military offensives in the Gaza Strip and Lebanon, AFP reported.

Malaysian Muslims boycott U.S. goods

The Muslim Consumer Association of Malaysia demands all Malaysians to stop buying products from three top U.S. companies; Starbucks, Coca Cola and Colgate-Palmolive.

The boycott aims to protest the "U.S.'s support for Israel's military actions" against Palestinian and Lebanese civilians.

"To buy and trade with U.S. goods is to actively support the illegal Israeli occupation in Palestine and the war in Lebanon," Azmin Ibrahim, the group's organizing committee member, told AFP.

"Israel and the U.S. have consciously destroyed Palestine and Lebanon and undermined peace in the region," he added.

Azmin said his group will distribute leaflets to inform consumers of the boycott after Friday prayers at two major mosques in the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur.

The Malaysian government has slammed Israel's brutal offensive in Gaza and Lebanon, but has ruled out boycotting goods from the United States and Britain.

Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi recently warned that a boycott could backfire on the predominantly Muslim nation.

The U.S. is Malaysia's biggest trade partner and their trade relationship is worth some 44 billion dollars a year.

Israel's deadly offensive in Lebanon has killed more than 1,200 civilians, 30% of them children under 12, and injured at least 4,000 others. It also displaced nearly a million others, sparking what aid agencies describe as a humanitarian crisis.

A similarly aggressive assault in the Gaza Strip has killed more than 200 Palestinians, mostly civilians, and there has been an extensive damage to Gaza's homes, roads, bridges and government buildings.

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