Malaysians Go Cyber for Matchmaking

Absorbed by modern day's fast-paced and busy life, unwed Malaysians are increasing going online in search of marriage partners, seeing cyberspace match-making services as hassle-free.

Malaysians Go Cyber for Matchmaking

Absorbed by modern day's fast-pacedand busy life, unwed Malaysians are increasing going online in search ofmarriage partners, seeing cyberspace match-making services as hassle-free, the NewStraits Times daily reported on Tuesday, April 3.

"We have about 30,000 active members since wecreated this website in 2002," said Mohd Azrul Alwi, owner and programmerof the Malaysian-based matrimonial website

"We have more than 400 success stories."

Membership for six months is RM50 and RM90 for ayear.

The recent years have seen the launch of anincreasing number of cyberspace match-making websites that help unwedMalaysians find Mr. or Miss Right.

For many, gone are the days of looking for marriagepartners through relatives, parties and social events. This has become just aclick away.

"Matrimonial websites create avenues for peopleto meet," said N. Dinesh, corporateaffairs manager of the website masmarriage.

The site, launched four years ago, monitors conversationsamong members, mostly aged between 20 and 28, and would not reveal users'profiles without the permission of those concerned.

Dinesh said only genuine candidates are allowed,boasting 3,096 registered members from Chinese, Malay and Indian backgrounds.

The site, which charges RM50 for a three-monthmembership, has had 152 success stories.

Malaysia, which offers the image of a modern Muslim country, is hometo 26 million people.

Malays, mostly Muslims, make up nearly 60 percent ofits population.

Ethnic Chinese and Indians - most of them Buddhists,Hindus and Christians - make up about 35 percent. The rest are indigenouspeople and Eurasians.

World Industry

The trend is increasing popular that some websitesstarted expanding to offer online worldwide matchmaking services.

"The five-year Malaysian visa for foreignspouses will further boost the online matchmaking industry here," saidJayesh Kamdar, chief executive officer of the Kamdar local chain store, partnerin the matrimonial website

Launched ten years ago, the site has more than 7.5million members around the world with more than 700,000 success stories todate.

Its International Markets Vice President Vinesh Nairsays their services are available around the clock.

"We localize our services to suit variedmarkets like Australia, Singapore and Malaysia.

"It helps us understand our customers betterand customize our service to suit specific requirements."

With free registration, the web offers 20 searchcriteria including country of residence, religion, lifestyle preferences,education and hobbies.

For clients uncomfortable with using credit cardsover the Internet, pre-paid cards can be used for membership, which rangesbetween RM152 and RM378 depending on the membership period.

Yet, some Malaysians remain wary of the onlinetrend.

"A lot of people who register through onlinematch-making are not genuine," Peggy Lim, executive of the cupid Spaceproject, told The Times.

Peggy affirmed that her project, launched by theMalaysian Chinese association (MCA), tries to help Malaysians to tie the knot,but with risks kept to a minimum.

"We are a conservative club," she said.

"Most singles come to us because our membershave to take an oath that they are single before a commissioner foroaths."


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