Man arrested after climbing China's tallest building

A 28-year-old unemployed man was arrested Wednesday after illegally climbing the tallest building in China, state media reported.

Man arrested after climbing China's tallest building
The climber, named by police only by his surname Zou, was detained in the early hours of Wednesday after scaling the 88-storey Jinmao Tower in Shanghai, the official Xinhua News Agency reported.

Zou, from the southern province of Hunan, is likely to be detained by police for a week on charges of disrupting public order, the report said. A crowd had gathered to watch the stunt, causing a traffic jam.

A French climber, Alain Robert, who scaled the 420-meter high tower in a Spiderman costume in May, was held by police for five days and then ordered to leave the country.

Five people have been caught climbing illegally on the building since Xinhua said.

AP - Kyodo
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