Merkel Set for Talks with Putin

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is going to Moscow for a meeting with President Vladimir Putin that may usher in cooler ties between the two nations.

Merkel Set for Talks with Putin

It is thought Mrs Merkel will be more critical of President Putin than her predecessor Gerhard Schroeder was. But topping the agenda at the meeting - their first since Mrs Merkel was elected - will be the crisis over Iran's nuclear programme. She will be trying to secure Russian support for tougher action on Iran.

On other issues, Mrs Merkel, who grew up in Communist East Germany, has indicated she will take a more nuanced approach to Moscow than her predecessor. Mr Schroeder built close relations, based partly on deepening Germany's dependence on Russia for energy.

Mrs Merkel is more cautious. After Russia's gas dispute with Ukraine disrupted Europe's supplies, the new German chancellor has said the continent must develop a variety of sources for its energy.

She has also said she is worried about some developments in Russia - in particular, new laws which will place restrictions on non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

NGOs are seen by many as one of the last sectors left beyond the Kremlin's control, one of the few sources of genuine independent criticism in Russia.

Source: BBC

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