Mevlana's birthday celebrated in New York

800th anniversary of Mevlana's (Jalal ud-Din Muhammed Rumi) birth was celebrated in New York.

Mevlana's birthday celebrated in New York

A New York-based non-governmental organization Light Millennium organized an event to celebrate 800th birthday of Mevlana and 90th birthday of British sci-fi writer Sir Arthur C. Clarke.

Chairman of Light Millennium Bircan Unver said both Mevlana and Clarke were "universal figures", who worked on spiritual and scientific matters.

Several academicians, artists and poets took part in the event.


Jalal ud-Din Muhammed Rumi, who is also known as Mevlana, is a great philosopher and founder of the Mevlevi Order.

Mevlana was born on September 30th, 1207 in Balkh in present day Afghanistan. He died in Konya on December 17th, 1273. He was laid to eternal rest beside his father and over his remains in a splendid shrine that was erected in Konya.

Mevlana devoted himself to the pursuit of Sufi mysticism, in which he was justly regarded as the supreme master. He was the spiritual founder of the Mevlevi order of whirling dervishes.

His most important work, composed during the last ten years of his life, is the Mathnawi-i Manawi (Mesnevi). This comprises about thirty thousand couplets in six books, a vast compendium of Sufi lore and doctrine, interspersed with fables and anecdotes. It is especially remarkable for its insight into the laws of physics and psychology.

"Come, come again, whoever you are, come! Heathen, fire worshipper or idolatrous, come! Come even if you broke your penitence a hundred times. Ours is the portal of hope, come as you are," is his famous motto that has been seen as a symbol of tolerance and love for centuries.


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