Millions of Russian to vote in parliamentary elections Sunday

Millions of Russian will participate in the parliamentary elections on Sunday, in which 11 political parties are competing on 450 seats.

Millions of Russian to vote in parliamentary elections Sunday

A total of 95,000 voting centers will receive 107 million voters in the first elections in which competition is among party lists only and one-seat districts are canceled.

Any political party should get no less than seven percent of the votes to enter the Parliament.

Polls conducted by specialized Russian bodies showed that the Unity Party of Russia, headed by Boris Gryzlov, would get 62 percent of the votes, and would be followed by the Communist Party, headed by Gennady Zyuganov, with 12 percent.

Observers expect that Vladimir Zhirinovsky's Liberal Democratic Party would succeed in winning seats in the Parliament as it is supported by eight percent of the voters.

Sergey Mironov's Fair Russia Political Party is supported by seven percent, while other parties have low chances of winning any seats.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, who agreed to lead the electoral list of the Unity Party, strongly attacked the other parties, without naming them, in a popular electoral meeting.

Putin used harsh words when he called on voters not to trust politicians that caused national disarrays in the 90s, accusing them of lying and corruption.

Observers say Putin's agreement to lead the Unity Party will enable it to win the majority of parliamentary seats.

The Russian President aims to get more than 226 seas to ensure a majority that would guarantee that the nation's economic and political system would continue.

Putin also wants to ensure having a political role, as his term as president will end by March 2008.

A total of 280 international monitors will be overseeing the elections and more than 1,500 Russian and foreign reporters will cover the polls.


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