Milosevic's Son Claims Belgrade is Blocking Burial

Serbian authorities are blocking the burial of Slobodan Milosevic in his homeland, his son Marko Milosevic says, so the family wants his funeral to take place in Moscow instead.

Milosevic's Son Claims Belgrade is Blocking Burial

"The authorities in Belgrade are not allowing this," Marko Milosevic said, referring to burial of his father. "They want to avoid this event. They are threatening us officially and unofficially. We have no other choice" than to ask for a provisional burial in Moscow. Slobodan Milosevic's flamboyant widow and former high school sweetheart Mirjana Markovic, known as Mira, lives in Moscow and faces arrest on fraud charges if she returns to Serbia.

Marko Milosevic was speaking at Moscow's Sheremyetevo airport on Tuesday as he prepared to board a regular commercial flight aboard Russian flag carrier Aerflot bound for Amsterdam. He said he had asked for permission to bury his father provisionally in Moscow. "Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov has agreed to this, as far as I know," Milosevic said. The remarks by the son of the late Serbian leader, found dead in his cell at the UN war crimes tribunal in The Hague on Saturday, were at odds with statements reported in Belgrade, which indicated that preparations were being made for Milosevic's burial there.

The longtime legal adviser to the elder Milosevic, Zdenko Tomanovic, said on Monday the family had made a "final decision ... to have the funeral in Belgrade". "The remaining question is whether it will be a state one." Serbian President Boris Tadic said a state funeral would be "completely inappropriate" given Milosevic's role in the bloody 1990s Balkan wars and his ouster in a popular uprising in 2000. And in interviews on Monday Tadic appeared to indicate that a decision on whether to suspend the arrest warrant for Milosevic's widow was a matter for the courts.

Tomanovic said the family was not insisting on having Milosevic buried in the Alley of Great Men, the resting place of national luminaries in Belgrade's main cemetery.He had earlier filed a request to Belgrade's district court, pleading "new circumstances", to withdraw the warrant on Markovic so she could attend a Belgrade funeral ceremony. The prosecution has given its consent to the request, the Beta news agency reported, indicating it was likely to be granted.


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