More Chinese urban youngsters prefer quick marriage

An increasing number of university students choose to get married soon after graduation in major Chinese cities.

More Chinese urban youngsters prefer quick marriage
Wang Ni and Liu Hao, both 23 years old, got married last week, only one month after they graduated from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics.

"We married for love," said Wang Ni profoundly, "We fell in love when we were juniors. Now we want our passion to be continued."

An increasing number of university students choose to get married soon after graduation in major Chinese cities. According to the Civil Affairs Department of Xuhui District, Shanghai, about 1221 university graduates aged 22 to 24 applied for marriage registration last year in this district, an increase of 50 percent since 2005.

Besides Shanghai, marriage rates of young people who just left campuses have been soaring in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenyang and some other big cities in China, statistics from civil affairs departments show.

This makes a sharp contrast to the 1990s and 1980s when many urban youngsters embraced their first marriages till they became "old" enough -- in their 30s or even 40s. They usually spent a lotof time looking for a husband or wife in possession of a good economic background or a beautiful face, instead of love.

Analysts say that as the Chinese society is becoming more affluent and open in the 21st century, more young people have obtained freedom to pursue their own way of life, to love what they really love.

"Quick marriage is usually a product of comfortable life," said Sun Baohong, deputy director of the Shanghai Juvenile Research Institute.

Despite being driven by affection, some university graduates also marry for an easy-going life.

"We think that an early marriage is helpful to build a stable life as quick as possible, and we thus can put our concentration on our job," said Zhu Keke, aged 24. She married her college classmate Zhang Dafeng half a year ago.

However, Their parents have to take care of the couple's daily life, as the "babies" are clumsy in arranging their family. Zhu's mother gives morning calls to the couple every day and comes to clean their house every weekend. Their parents also help to pay 3,000 yuan of house loan every month, as the young couple's incomes are not so satisfactory.


Critics also warned that marriages without enough life experience and deep understanding of each other would easily lead to divorce.

Statistics from Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau show that 5,786 pairs, aged below 24, applied for divorce last year, among them, 970 were married for less than one year and 52 less than one month.

"Marriage without thorough consideration tend to break up easily," said Li Ziwei, an official with Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau.

"Most of newly married young couples were born after the 1980s after China's family planning policy was adopted," Li said, "they are the only child of their family and usually very self-centered, and they value their personal feelings more than family responsibility."


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