Mosques desecration prompt protests in Kashmir

An attack against a 200-year old mosque at Shangus in south Kashmir's Islamabad district on Friday night, the third attempt to blow up mosques in the area in three days, sparked massive protests in the Anantnag district of Jammu and Kashmir.

Mosques desecration prompt protests in Kashmir
The mosque was reportedly damaged and the furnishings were burnt in the attack, according to official sources.

Demonstrators took to the streets in Wakil Balan in Shangus to protest against the recent wave of attacks on mosques.

A girl has reportedly found torn pieces of the Holy Qur'an thrown outside a public urinal in the village, prompting protests that gathered at least 5,000 people in Shangus.

Another mosque at nearby Watrasoo was also desecrated, prompting similar protests.

Demonstrators shouted slogans against the district administration accusing it of failure to arrest the culprits behind the sacrilege.

The government announced a reward of Rs 50000 and a job for whoever provides information leading to the arrest of the perpetrators.

20 persons have already been detained for questioning but 17 of them were later released by the police because of lack of evidence.

The Police launched a number of raids into many places in the district.

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