M'sia, Indonesia And Brunei Ready For Peace Mission

Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei are among Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) countries that might participate in a peacekeeping mission in Lebanon, once an unconditional ceasefire is put in place in the war-torn country, Foreign Minister Syed Hamid A

M'sia, Indonesia And Brunei Ready For Peace Mission
He said that troops from the three countries were ready to be despatched to Lebanon at a moment's notice. "What is needed now is for the United Nations' Security Council to quickly arrive at a decision on the ceasefire...it is needed fast to prevent worse Israeli atrocities there," he told a press conference after simultneously opening the annual meetings of the Kuala Kangsar Umno Wanita, Youth and Puteri wings, here.

He said that the UN must be firm in the matter to prevent more Lebanese lives to be lost in the conflict and devastation of the Mediterranean country. Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei at a special OIC meeting in Kuala Lumpur last week agreed that they were willing to send peacekeeping troops that would come under the auspices of the United Nations International Force In Lebanon (UNIFIL), which had long been operating there prior to the latest war breaking out.

Syed Hamid also said that several more OIC countries had stated their interest to participate in the peacekeeping mission. He also accused world powers of practising double standards when it came to Islamic countries as Israel had not been restrained from committing atrocities in Lebanon and Palestine. "What can be seen now is that Israel's impunity is backed the United States and its close ally, Britain.

"These two world powers in fact should take the lead to bring the conflict to an end at the Security Council. I hope they will support the latest draft resolution calling for hostilities to cease that was presented to the Security Council yesterday," he said. Israel, he said, cannot be given a "licence" to destroy other nations on the excuse that it was for its national security. Syed Hamid said that the ceasefire was also needed quickly as humanitarian relief for Lebanese displaced by the war had to be channelled there urgently.

"OIC has sent a humanitarian mission to Lebanon, but it had not been easy...the UN needs to be tough on this," he said. According to latest reports, the 15-member Security Council is scheduled to meet Sunday to discuss a draft resolution that would call for an immediate stop to the hostilities and is expected to be passed in the next few days. UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan Saturday warned that the conflict could widen if the main protagonists, Israel and the Hizbollah in Lebanon, did not stop hostilities. The war erupted on July 12 when Hizbollah seized two Israeli soldiers and killed eight others in a cross-border raid. Since then at least 741 people in Lebanon and 78 Israelis have been killed. Hizbollah has fired 2,600 rockets into Israel.

Source: Bernama

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