MTA to purchase new drilling machines

Mineral Research & Exploration Dept. (MTA) of Turkey will purchase new drilling machines in order to carry out wide-scale explorations.

MTA to purchase new drilling machines

MTA, which ordered 3 new drilling machines in 2007, is planning to purchase 3-4 more in 2008.

Turkey is ranked the 28th with its total production value and the 10th as for the diversity of mines among 132 leading mining countries of the world.

In order to activate Turkey's rich potential regarding mines, energy raw materials and geothermal resources, it is of vital importance to carry out drilling activities.

MTA DG Mehmet Uzer told A.A that they would purchase new machinery to carry out exploration and studies at deeper levels.

"With the renewal of machines, new reserves will surely be discovered," Uzer said.


Güncelleme Tarihi: 10 Aralık 2007, 11:20