Mugabe: Tsvangirai deserved beating

Robert Mugabe, the Zimbabwean president, has said that he acknowledged to his fellow African leaders that Morgan Tsvangirai, the opposition leader, had been assaulted, but added he deserved it.

Mugabe: Tsvangirai deserved beating

Mugabealso made a rare acknowledgement of divisions within his governing ZANU-PFparty on Friday, warning critics to keep their disagreements in-house.

Mugabetold supporters the day after returning from a regional summit in Tanzania:"Yes, I told them he was beaten but he asked for it.

"Wegot full backing, not even one criticised our actions," the presidentsaid.

"There is no country in SADC (the Southern AfricanDevelopment Community) that can stand up and say Zimbabwehas faulted. SADC does not do that, it is not a court but an organisationof 14 countries that co-operates with each other and supports each other."

Tsvangirai's arrest and subsequent assault on March 11while trying to attend an anti-government rally was widely condemnedby the West but the SADC summit, which was meant to address thecrisis in Zimbabwe,ended up with a statement of "solidarity" with the 83-year-oldMugabe's government.


Mugabe also acknowledged divisions within his party and told themembers to keep the splits private.

"Whatever the nature of the differences or quarrels we haveit is completely wrong to allow them to get into the publicarena either through publicity or ligitation," Mugabesaid.  

"Several of us are keeping the hostile press going andsometimes going through the revelation of information that should bekept  secret. Let us begin to examine our conscience and our integrity."

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