Museum for Islamic art to be opened in Qatar

The 'Museum of Islamic Art', intended to be one of the biggest of its kind in the region, will open its doors to the public on the 22nd of November 2008.

Museum for Islamic art to be opened in Qatar

The Qatar Museum Authority has launched a promotion campaign for the official opening of the Museum of Islamic Art on November 22 this year, Qatari daily the Peninsula reported.

"The grand opening of the Museum of Islamic Art will be a distinctive chapter in the history of Qatar, as it forms a basic center for showing the Islamic art and culture to the world. The Museum of Islamic Art is a permanent platform for dialogue and cultural and art exchange; different activities and events will be hosted in its cultural wing in the first week immediately after the official opening," said Abdullah Al Najjar, Chief Executive Officer and President of the Museum.

The official opening of the museum on November 22 will be followed by week-long cultural and art activities.

The events will begin on November 23 with a panel discussion focusing on the museum building and its design. Architect I M Pei will discuss his long journey to different Islamic landmarks around the world and how he chose the museum location and the materials used in the building.

The "Beyond Boundaries-Islamic Art Conference" exhibition On November 24 and November 25 will be open exclusively to Islamic art experts, academics and prominent guests from around the world, while, the public will get the first glimpse of the treasures of the museum, on the first week of December.

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