Muslim candidate in Berlusconi's party

A Muslim in Italy's Moroccan community, Souad Sbai will stand for election to the Italian parliament under Silvio Berlusconi's People of Freedom (PDL) in upcoming polls on 13-14 April.

Muslim candidate in Berlusconi's party
Sbai, of Moroccan origin and president of Italy's Association of Moroccan Women (ACMID) is also editor of al-Maghrebiya, an Arabic magazine for North African immigrants living in Italy.

"I have decided. I will ally myself with the PDL and I will be a candidate for parliament in the elections," Sbai said.

After being invited to stand by Berlusconi - former prime minister and business tycoon - Sbai signed her name for the candidacy and will represent the southern Italian region of Apulia.

"The objective of my candidacy is to work for real integration of immigrants in Italy," said Sbai.

"We must also help the second generation [of immigrants]. They must have a positive vision of Italy and we must not forget that this second generation thinks and dreams like any other Italian citizen," she said.

"These kids cannot be treated as 'immigrants' or second class citizens. They must be helped in a particular way so as not to fall into an identity crisis that can drive them towards extremism."

Meanwhile, the leader of Italy's Immigrant Party, Mustapha Mansouri said they would support Sbai's candidacy.

In 2005, Sbai ran for governor of the Lazio region as a member of the post-Fascist National Alliance party, which is part of the PDL.


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