Muslim Concerns Over Deva Kopaya

Sri Lankan Muslims are very much disturbed regarding the discourse,'Deva Kopaya'(Gods Anger), used by Swarnavhini TV channel during the 'Loka Sithyama' programme to describe the recent stampede in Makka.

Muslim Concerns Over Deva Kopaya

As a reputed and well established media net work, this kind of hatred speech would effect and badly damage the positive image earned by Swarnavahini, observers said.

'You can't simply hurt the highest value of Islam and Allah among the believers all over the world for accidents', a concerned party revealed to Muslimguardian. Mr Karunaratne, Programmes Director of Swarnavahini was made aware of this and he is ready for an inquiry regarding this issue, according to them.

The stampede was due to a structural problem which was experienced during the yesteryear pilgrimages as well. That's why the Makka authorities have demolished the overhead bridge soon after the end of pilgrimage and started reconstructing an alternative structure, they added.

They urged to take immediate action to stop this kind of Islamo phobic remarks in the future and build a good rapport among the multicultural viewers residing in our motherland.

Source: Muslim Guardian

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