Muslim Rappers Say Imitation Biggest Problem for Muslims

Turkey met Native Deen, an American hip-hop trio band of Muslim musicians, at the Yedikule Towers during Ramadan in 2005 for the first time.

Muslim Rappers Say Imitation Biggest Problem for Muslims

The band members wear traditional Islamic clothes with knitted caps, loose tunics and pants, but are hip-hop musicians.

Joshua Salaam, Naeem Muhammad and Abdul-Malik Ahmad began the group in 2000. The young band is scheduled to meet with their fans in Feshane tonight.

Spending most of their time in Istanbul sightseeing and rehearsing, the group answered our questions during their first break.

Zaman: You gave a concert in Istanbul during Ramadan last year. What do you think about Turkey?

Native Deen: Spending Ramadan in a Muslim country is a great boon for people who were raised in a non-Muslim country. The Turkish audience was quite sincere. We loved Turkey a lot. People greet one another with 'selamun aleykum' (a traditional Islamic greeting) as well as 'hello.' However, the young generation tends to imitate whatever they see. This is the biggest problem for Muslims.

Zaman: Has anyone converted to Islam because of you?

Native Deen: Non-Muslims listen to us, they love our music but we do not know how much they know about Islam. We believe there are countless Muslims in the world. We believe we inspired them. Ours is not a kind of music liked by everyone but those who listen say they loved it.

Zaman: How did you decide to combine hip-hop with Islamic teachings?

Native Deen: This was quite natural for us because we were raised with our Muslim, American, and African identities.

Source: Zaman

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